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It is that that life is a journey and every individual is a traveler trying to explore world in its own way. But every journey needs a travel partner and a guide. Gauri Tours and Travels was established 20 years ago to become a perfect travel guide and partners for the world travelers.

Taking you around the world for past two decades, our success may have never happened without your support.

Today  as we take you to the most exotic location in India, we also take you to some of the international destinations like Nepal, Bangkok, Singapore, Thailand, Dubai, Malaysia, Mauritius to name a few.

You simply decide the destination and we will plan your tour the way you wanted it and the way you like as per your budget and requirements.

Home away from home, with us you enjoy safe, secured and cultured environment which is the specialty of our tours.

Our tour package category span from economy class to five star packages no matter what you choose but you get the best with us.

Come to us and see the world though a different view.

Gauri Tours & Travels, with a decade plus of quality experience offers the following service to customers:

  1. Domestic Leisure Tours 
  2. International Leisure Tours
  3. Business / Trade Fair Tours
  4. Educational Tours
  5. Agricultural Study Tours
  6. Inbound / Outbound Tours

And now what it needs the most, is you. We are looking for suitable franchisee partners for various locations all over Maharashtra. 

Gauri Tours and Travels, as the Franchisor, offers a defined, proven business format with products / services that have been sold successfully as compared to a new independent business which is based on both an untried idea and untested operation.

The Travel Industry Scenario
As per WTTC report, by year 2020 Indian tourism industry would contribute 850,000 crores to the GDP. In fact, worldwide, the growth of Indian tourism outpaces that of any other country. With a booming Indian economy and emergence of a new middle class, today outbound and domestic tourists far outnumber the numbers of tourist coming into the country. Opportunities for all those involved in the Tourism Industry are immense. 

Why a Franchise? 
As mentioned earlier, the Indian Travel Industry has grown by leaps and bounds. But the industry as a whole is still largely unorganized. In this scenario, what a customer really wants is a travel operator who can offer a range of travel options and services under one roof. And that’s where Guardian Holidays comes in. 

So now here’s a chance to be one of these franchisees and grow along with us. 

What is a Franchise? 
A franchise is a business arrangement where the owner (Gauri Tours and Travels - The franchisor) of a business concept grants you (The Franchisee) the licensed right to own and operate a business based on the franchisor’s business concept, including using its trademark. The franchisor helps the franchisee to start business, provides training & assistance with advertising and marketing support. 

A travel franchise offers you the chance to be your own boss, while operating under the security of an established brand like Gauri Tours and Travels thus, risk is minimized yet prospects for growth are bright.

Why take a Franchise?

  1. Demand for One Stop Travel Shop for all travel needs is increasing rapidly.
  2. Smaller agents will find it difficult to compete with large, well organized businesses.
  3. Need for a Global Distribution Network with a wider reach.
  4. Need to offer better online & self-service technology yet add value with the human touch.
  5. Change of Customer Needs - Customers want value added services and more choice for less prices.ex submariner

Give wings to your dreams 
You can become a major success story by becoming our Franchisee

As a Gauri Tours and Travels franchisee you’ll be a one-stop travel shop with an assured potential for growth. Some of the benefits you’ll enjoy are:

  1. The strong brand image of Gauri Tours and Travels and its decade-plus of experience.
  2. Uniformity of systems and operations to enhance consumer satisfaction.
  3. Ability to offer a host of travel services under one roof.
  4. Expert training to ensure a smooth flow of business.
  5. Marketing, advertising, PR and sales support activity undertaken by Guardian Holidays.
  6. CRM tools & techniques to capture & retain your client-base.
  7. Constant updates of the latest news and market information. 
  8. And last but not the least, an opportunity to earn across different travel products and services.

What do you have to provide?

  1. An operational business space of 150 to 200 sq.ft.
  2. Premises should preferably be on the ground floor & should have easy access.
  3. Premises should be main road facing with public parking easily available.
  4. Premises should preferably be under ownership.
  5. If premises on lease it must be a valid lease for five years.
  6. Premises should have a provision for a Sign Board which will be clearly visible from the road.
  7. Capital Investment up to 2Lakhs which is exclusive of the premises:
    1. Rs.1 Lakhs as franchisee deposit (Refundable)
    2. Rs.1 Lakhs franchisee license fee ( for 5 years)

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